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Small Batch Production

Small Batch Production

For over 5 years I have produced Swimmable Mermaid Tails in large quantities. As the quality of our tails increased, so did the time required to make them. Because my previous business model was built around a high-volume plan, I often felt at odds with my instinct to slow things down.

I realize now that in order to create a truly remarkable product, it must not be rushed even in the slightest. Every small detail adds up to the entire design in the end. Aquarius Mermaid was founded with the understanding that perfection does not need to be mass produced.

We have adopted a strict limit to how many mermaid tails we will commit to making per release so we do not upset this creative process. We will not be selling tails between Releases. Each Release will consist of no more than 100 individual tails offered for sale to the public. Each Aquarius Mermaid Tail will be numbered and recorded. A Certificate of Authenticity with unique serial number will accompany all Aquarius Mermaid Tails.

Finally and most importantly. Small Batch Production means a small customer base. This is the biggest difference between Aquarius Mermaid and Swimtails. By keeping our customer family to a smaller and more intimate list, we are able to better focus on the individual needs of our customers. I am confident that our renewed commitment to overall Customer Experience will be felt.